DISC Advanced

Dr Kim Schofield is accredited to administer the worlds most advanced behavioural assessment system for individuals, pairs and teams.

The DISC ADVANCED® process is designed to provide users with practical and, most importantly, useable, information. Too often behavioural assessment systems are incomplete, leaving participants wondering, “What now?”

The DISC ADVANCED® process provides a platform for achieving real results. For example, the DISC ADVANCED® process includes action plans and extensive instructions on how to achieve real results that enhance performance for individuals, pairs and teams.

Individual assessment includes:

  • Behavioural assessment including 20-page bound colour report.
  • Debrief of Report
  • Each report includes worksheets for the development of an Action Plan specific to each individual’s profile.

Pair Assessment includes:

  • Two behavioural assessments including 20-page bound colour report.
  • Debrief of Reports
  • Each report includes worksheets for the development of an Action Plan specific to each individual’s profile.

Team Assessments includes:

  • A Five-hour workshop for up to 14 team members covering the following:
  • Developing an understanding of the different individual behavioural styles
  • Identifying my own style – Individual Assessment Report
  • Understanding other’s styles and how they interrelate with mine
  • How to identify the behavioural styles of other individuals
  • Improved communication and understanding
  • Developing practical action plans to modify our styles appropriately

Includes all pre briefing, preparation, profiles, workshop development, materials and workshop delivery.

DISC Clients Say

“After implementing DISC ADVANCED®, sales increased 30% and staff retention is 100% after 18 months. Everyone should be using DISC ADVANCED®.”

Tim Roberts, Managing Director

“Many thanks for your coaching and assistance in the DISC Workshop on the Gold Coast. Your notes and slides made the process easy to follow. The response to the reports and the learning was very positive, with high interest, great questions and a huge shift in understanding and lots of ahah moments. The team members appreciated the quality of the reports and could not believe how accurate they are in relation to their preferences and situations. Thanks once again.”
David Langdon, Manager Leadership & HR Strategy

 “With DISC ADVANCED® I now better understand how to manage to get the

best performance from my team.”
Greg Edwards, Regional Sales Manager

 “I can’t believe you got that much information from the questionnaire and how accurate it is.”
Tim Greig, IT Manager

 “I would recommend DISC ADVANCED®, very strongly, to any organisation keen to increase performance and morale.”
Simon Cartwright, Managing Director

“Almost daily we come up with new ways in which we can look to DISC ADVANCED® to point us in the right direction on sensitive people issues. It’s great!”
Steve Barton, Manager Organisational Development

“Thanks again for the training. It was very well done.
I believe this is an extremely valuable tool for helping people.”
Brad Golledge, Managing Director

“I have done DISC training before but I found the training today to be far more sophisticated.”
Victoria Smith, Scientific Affairs Associate

“DISC ADVANCED® is easy to follow, highly effective and applicable to allworkplace development initiatives.”
Ben Winduss, Learning & Development Consultant