Executive Coaching


Dr Kim Schofield is a professional coach and a member of the international coaching federation and has over 20 year’s senior executive experience in the public and private sector and is a lecturer on MBA programs at Curtin University and Edith Cowan University. Kim works with Directors, Executives, senior leaders and high potential leaders to accelerate the performance of the individual at work. He targets his coaching to focus on key issues that are important for organisation and individual success.

Advantages for individuals are:

  • Clarity on what they have to deliver to succeed
  • Dedicated time to reflect and plan for their performance success
  • Targeted feedback on performance
  • Being held to account for their performance and development linked to organizational goals
  • Being able to improve leadership , conflict resolution and communication skills
  • Able to develop strategies to balance career and family life

Advantages for organisations are:

  • Accelerated performance of their key leaders and Directors linked to organisational goals
  • Structure for internal development and talent strategies
  • Internal candidates ‘fast tracked’ to support succession planning
  • The ability to better develop and retain talent
  • Development of coaching capability in the organisation
  • More engaged and productive employees through improved leadership and management

To facilitate these objectives, a significant part of Kim’s work as a coach is to help introduce feedback, action planning, active learning and follow-up into regular work life. It is about shifting individuals into behaviours that sustain both their careers and the business and to do this he has created a number of coaching options. His type of coaching ties the company’s strategic initiatives, succession planning and/or retention strategies and performance management in a holistic way. He will meet with both corporate representatives and each individual being coached to determine the desired outcomes, set out the scope of work, and put performance metrics in place.